Audience Generated Dreams and Songs - Autumn 2005


Thursday September 29th, 2005

Zodiac Dream: I am in the ocean

Dream #1

I’m in a boat heading downstream and it sort of looks like Disneyland.  It’s like a beautiful, magical ride.  When I get off my friend is convincing me how great it will be when he goes to graduate school.  He says it will look just like this.

Constellation:  The Scholar (N), hunched over his books.


Dream #2:  Falling out a window into the sky- then flying through space to Mars landing on Mars and going into a stripmall.

Constellation:  The faller: Matt.  Who also became our hero for the night.


Dream #3:  There are 3 of us, very far apart, representing the past, the present (me) and the future.  We are throwing a ball across the gap between.  Each throw makes one of us move just a bit, so that we become a straight line, and the pat can make the present become what it must in order to fulfill its future destiny. (this dream repeated many times until I got it “right.”

Constellation: The “ball” that the figures were throwing.  It just happened to line up with the ecliptic, so it became a zodiac constellation for the villagers.  The sun lined up with the ball on July 31st, which became the date of our annual celebration.

Dream #4: 3 people on the bridge in the sky, the highest bridge ever.  There were 2 ways to get down, the ladder


Just jump and know that you will land safely.

Constellation:  A giant bridge across the sky, found near the zenith. 

Dream #5

I am in a large dome.  There are vampires or astronomers milling about.  Everyone’s being timid.

Constellation:  The wise astronomer (S)

Mythology synopsis:  Matt the faller had the courage to jump off the bridge while others hesitated.  He also represented the present, and made sure that correct future happened.


Ode to Matt, Ode to Matt

What do you think of that

In a courageous fall he passed the ball

‘cause he wasn’t in a strip mall

Program Date: Friday September 30th, 2005


Zodiac Dream: Feeling light, I push off the ground and float.  With effort I fly and soar over my neighborhood.


Skydream #1:  I am in bed.  It is very early in the morning.  The girlfriend I am dreaming of is not the woman next to me.  This is a shame.


Constellation:  Helga, the homely girlfriend.  Sloping brow, big hair.  Helga was high in the sky, so she was considered a zenith constellation. 


Skydream #2: A giant hello-kitty shaped piñata dropped twinkies and Guinness from space. 


Constellation: A toilet in the SW into which the twinkies and Guinness are vomited.


Skydream #3: I was in a parking lot that had a huge pothole in it.  From the bottom of the hole (which had filled with water) I saw a huge dragonfly swimming toward me.  It burst through the surface and flew up into the air over my head and past me.


Constellation: Steve the Dragonfly. This was a re-incarnation of Steve the hose-bearer, which was one of our zodiac constellations.  Steve was in the east, an omen of re-birth, and he carried the water to douse people who catch fire.


Skydream #4: I am in my high school parking lot.  Cover myself in gasoline.  My friend flicks his cigarette onto me and I burn.  This is how I die.


Constellation: Bill in the south.  Bill was on fire and had fire shooting out from all directions. 


Skydream #5: I’m at a supermarket for alcohol.  The woman who checks Ids is giving terrible customer service, which I call her out on – she pissed at me.  The whole time I’m there shopping, other employees are taking items out of my cart and throwing objects at me.


Constellation:  An empty shopping cart, spinning around the north star, a constant reminder of the emptiness in our lives. 


Synopsis:  A dark night, full of unhealthy relationships and addictions to alchohol and snack foods, culminating in a desire to light ourselves on fire.  We were stuck in adolescence and unable to mature.  With the presence of Steve the waterbearer dragonfly, there was new hope for us in our village.



I bought Helga a Twinkie

I got her a Guiness too

We went down to the parking lot

and then we made some goo

and now I'm on fire and the toilet seat's up.

In my shopping cart is an empty cup.

Program Date: Saturday, October 1, 2005


Zodiac Dream: I was at a garden party with a deck; it was a celebration.  Suddenly the X girlfriend of my boyfriend arrived and the entire party became incredibly awkward.


Zodiac constellations:  Tomato garden, The X girlfriend, the Deck, and The Awkward Party


Skydream #1: I stood on top of a building,  tall.  The hamburger with legs was climbing out his apartment window, looking to chase me down. The roof started to collapse and he almost got me, but then fell into the crack!!


Constellation:  The Hamburger with legs seen in the north.  Always chasing us as he circles the North star.


Skydream #2:  I am eating cotton candy and a puppy jumps out of it.


Constellation: “Sugarpoop” in the west.  The shape of a cotton candy cone.  The group decided that the puppy jumping out was dead (A rather morbid choice).


Skydream #3:  I was walking my HUGE dog.  He was pulling me hard and I stumbled!  Instead of falling to the ground, I began to fly one foot off the ground using my nose to guide me. 


Constellation:  “Fran’s Nose” in the South, leading her and her dog Fido into the sky.


Skydream #4:  Zombies take ove a Mall and I’m the only one left.  My parents become zombies and start coming after me, then I fall off the roof, land in bed and a snake bites my foot.


Constellation:  outstretched Zombie arms rising in the east.


Mythology synopsis:  This village divided the year into 2 halves:  The half of light and life, and the half of darkness and death.  With the appearance of the zombie arms, the dark half of the year begins.  Puppies, flights of fancy with Fido, and cotton candy give way to death, fear, and the re-animation of once-dead hamburger flesh.



Fran and Fido were walking in a park,

and then suddenly it got so very dark.

The zombies were chasing,

My heart was racing --

And the hamburger will live again!




Program Date: Sunday, October 2, 2005


Zodiac Dream:  Every male in the dream has metal shoes.  Shoes make loud noise with each step.


Zodiac Constellations:  The metal Shoes,  The Metal man, the marchers, and the iron forger (who makes shoes)


Skydream #1:  On a long velvet couch I lay asleep with my husband who was wriggling because a whirl of mosquitoes was biting his nose and fingertips and toes.


Constellation: The velvet couch where Rupert Morris battles the mosquitoes.


Skydream #2: Walking down street.  Found Penny, continued walking down street, found half eaten apple and put it into my mouth, continued walking down street.


Constellation:  The half eaten apple in the north


Skydream #3: Drinking sparkling cider in a lace crochet ball gown as a spider woman with eight legs.


Constellation: The spider rising in the East.


Skydream #4: I’m staring at the yellow formica table in my kitchen, the yellow iws so beautiful that I get into it like a tub.  I discover I’ve turned into a yellow salamander.  Ill I can see are green peeled tree trunks and fog.  I am doing nothing but holding onto the tree and being a salamander.


Constellation: The salamander.  As the earth spins, once a year the salamander stands upright on the horizon and speaks his dream-like wisdom.  It is then that the villagers gather for their annual celebration.



We love apples, we love them so!

From our heads to our itchy toes!

Mosquito! Mosquito! Mosquito! Mosquito!

Banditos! Banditos grappling with a couch.

Rupert Morris is a grouch with a pouch.

Take a gander, here's the salamander.


Program Date:  Thursday October 6, 2005

Program cancelled due to rain in the clearing.




Program Date: Friday October 7, 2005


Zodiac Dream:  I have been waiting 3 days for the Ice Cream Truck.  When it finally pulls up it is being driven by Uncle Lion dressed as Count Chocula.


Zodiac Constellations:  The Ice Cream Truck (with a flat tire), Count Chocula, Uncle Lion, and “Waiting.”


Skydream #1:  I am topless and running away from a scary monster.  I stop at home, but can’t decide what to wear.  I must get it right. 


Constellation:  The naked breasts of Venus in the North.


Skydream #2: I was standing in a field unable to move.  The trees surrounding the field moved closer and closer until I was enclosed in their branches.


Constellation: The tree of advancement in the South.


Skydream #3: I am in the bathtub- candles are lit, bubble bath is foaming over.  I can’t wait until he enters the room, removes his clothes, and slides in…


Constellation: The Tub of Desire


Skydream #4: A man sized bird was floating in the sky, suspended from a purple balloon.  The balloon burst in a cloud of purple dust.  The man/bird fell and I chased it into the woods.  It was carrying star charts.


Constellation:  Big bird.


Skydream #5:  I flew to Northern Africa in an aeroplane that was an opera house.  We arrived in Thailand instead and had a party where the main event was racing with trout.


Constellation:  The trout.


Mythology synopsis:  All dreams let toward a fertility ritual to ensure the health of the village.  The naked breasts, The Tub of Desire, the “trout” swimming through the milky way- straight toward Venus!  The tree of advancement tried to thwart the proceedings, but to escape the tree, Kilroy became a bird and flew toward his lover.


Song: Swimming in the tub of desire

Venus’ breasts are on fire

The advancement tree is a liar

Big Bird flies higher and higher

Trout fish don’t get caught in the mire

Trout fish don’t get caught in the mire

Program Date: Saturday, October 8, 2005


Zodiac Dream: I was on a championship baseball team.


Zodiac constellations:  The Diamond, The Cheering Fans, The Dugout, and the Striking-out Slugger.


Skydream #1: I woke up and was a bunny.  I hopped around and dove into a bubble bath.  I sang Fernando by ABBA with Charo. (Note:  The reader read ABBA as “A.B.B.A.” Saying each letter individually.  This led to the ABBA structure of the final song)


Constellation:  Bugs the Bunny in the SE


Skydream #2: While in the country in Georgia, running one morning early (before sunrise), I came home and saw a huge black shere in the sky with a ring around the middle, with lights like an office building, hovering over a nearby house.  It sped over to me in a split second, and I was immobilized for about 1/2 a  minute.  Then it was off as fast as it came.


Constellation: The Orb of Immobility in the North.


Skydream #3:  A fuzzy cow was talking to me.


Constellation:  Crazy Cow in the West.


Skydream #4:Fell off space shuttle during bad landing.  Couldn’t see a good place to land so called wife on cell to say bye.


Constellation:  The backward-flying space shuttle.


Mythology synopsis:  This one was a bit confusing.  It was determined that Crazy cow was crazy because he ate “Fat Pies.”  The bunny jumped out of the space shuttle trying to get to the Crazy Cow. 



A dark and stormy night

Bad bunnies jump with delight

But a spaceship was in sight

Astonishing our plight, our night and our flight


Program Date: Sunday, October 9, 2005


Zodiac Dream:  Walking up the monster hill in downtown from first ave to 5th with an enormous backpack.  My knees were giving out. Had to crawl up.


Zodiac Constellations:  The Turtle, the skinned knees, The puddle of Steve, The chair.


Skydream #1: My boyfriend, Adam, called me wanting his accordion back.  He asked that I drive down a winding forest road in the autumn to a Buddhist temple to meet him.  When I arrived, I was too struck by the sorrowful beauty of the falling leaves to speak.  (note:  “Falling” was first mispronounced as “Falafel.”


Constellation:  The Falafel high in the Northwest.


Skydream #2: I live in a house in the middle of a lake and my cats had to swim underwater to reach me.  Also I had to wear tall shoes from the attic of that house. The shoes were broken. And tall.


Constellation: Sparky the cat low in the north.


Skydream #3: I am sleeping in my hair stylists chair.  There is a Chihuahua in my lap.  I wake up to a shaved head.


Constellation:  Denise, the giant shears in the Southeast.


Skydream #4: Phasing through wall.  Looking through trap door. Huge basement.  Miscellaneous machines. 


Constellation:  The trap door in the south.


Mythology synopsis:  Sparky the cat courageously swam through the puddle of Steve to reach the falafel, which provided carbohydrates.  Unfortunately, cats teeth cannot tear the flatbread of the falafel.  Sparky wisely used the trapdoor to get across the sky to reach the shears of Denise to cut the flatbread.



Blessed be spanky!

For wet though his fur may be

He swam through the puddle of Steve

And didn’t ask for a hanky

He traveled through the trap door

To wield the glory of Denise.



Program Date: Thursday, October 13, 2005


Program Date: October 13, 2005


Zodiac Dream: I am back in High School.  I am in the cafeteria.  I am not eating.  My girlfriend is here.  So is my old girlfriend.  I never had a girlfriend in High School.


Zodiac Constellations: 

The Lost Girlfriend

The Cafeteria Table

The Found Girlfriend

The Crumpled Napkin


Skydream #1:  I once had a dream that my friend came back from Italy.  She moved to Italy for a year.  She was with her friends and she couldn’t see me.


Constellation:  Spaghetti:  3 friends eating pasta, with one friend set apart.  Found low in the North.


Skydream #2: I dream that I show up to school, having forgotten all quarter that I was registered in ancient Egyptian history- and it’s the day of the final.  Aagh!


Constellation: The Pyramid in the NW.  We realized that as the earth turned, eventually only the “eye” (the top) of the pyramid would be visited.  We moved the sky to put the eye on the horizon.  This moved the Pasta high in the sky, a time of year the villagers call “High Pasta” time.


Skydream #3:  I am going into a “restaurant” with a guide.  In the restaurant is a patient’s bed.  The patient speaks and she is me.  She tells my story and I see myself – I know myself.  My guide nods and smiles.


Constellation:  The Guide’s Smile, high in the South. It was at this point we realized that there was a single hero:  The one standing apart from the others at the pasta table (the “restaurant” of dream #3), the one who must face an exam for which he/she is unprepared, and the one who sees herself in the patient on the bed. Note that the powerful eye from the Pyramid is just above the horizon in the N. at this point.  I asked for a name for this hero, and a villager called out “Mom.”


Skydream #4: I was chased by a freeway shooter.  A bad man with light for eyes (white light) was trying to get me to join him.  My Fiance and her elderly friend described the moment of their death.


Constellation: The Highway of Death low in the south.


Mythology synopsis:  It all came together for mom when the highway of death was revealed.  We understood why she sat apart at the table, not eating pasta with us.  This was her last supper before her “Final Exam” for which she was unprepared.  It was time for her to drive down the Highway of Death in the south.  The verses in the song were pulled randomly from the constella-box.  I include them in this synopsis, in the order they were read, as they fit uncannily with the mythology that had been established.



The friends gathered for spaghetti

And the spaghetti was cold

1 friend was left out

Mama was all alone

She forgot about the Egyptian History Test

The tour guide took her away

To face down the highway of death.


Verses: (drawn randomly from the remaining dreams)


I remember being at school.  There was a huge flood and all my friends and I went to the roof.  From the roof, it looked like we were on top of the world, but the world below was being completely destroyed.

Dreamt that mother over and over again said that John was going to be ok.  Mom could not be seen in the dream, but her presence was very much felt and her voice was clear.

I was walking down the road when I came upon a bear.  The bear growled and I turned around only to see a car coming towards me.  The car door opened and it was my mother.

A man wearing a T-shirt, a sarong and flip-flops walks away from me upstairs, carrying a tray of food.

An immortal being’s vehicle crashed on earth.  His guardians are sometime mistaken for angels.  I was instructed to assure people they would not be harmed.



Program Date: Friday, October 14, 2005


Zodiac Dream: I was the owner of the San Francisco 49ers and at the game the refs made a bad call that cost us the game.  The 49er fans started to riot and I got on the PA system to talk the crowd down from its frenzy.


Skydream #1:  I was a soldier in the war.  I was ruthless, and many died by my hand.  And in the midst of the killing I stopped and wept at what I had done.


Constellation:  The Broken Heart, high in the NW


Skydream #2: I threatened the man that stole my bicycle, saying that I was a close, personal  friend of Mayor McCheese, who would make an example of him, knowing it was a bluff and I would likely get caught.


Constellation: The Stolen Bicycle in the South.


Skydream #3:  I am a robot trying to save a concert from sabotage.  A monster rises out of the ground and fights with me.  It has long nails.  I cannot defeat it. 


Constellation:  The Monster Face, low in the NE


Skydream #4:  I was walking to my car in a shopping mall parking lot, when 2 men took me and put me in the back of their van.  It wasn’t a kidnapping, I went because I knew I had to.  They took me to their boss and secret society, and I was inducted.  I knew that I would never go back to my old life, and I was scared, but also excited and content.


Constellation:  The eyes of the secret society members.


Mythology synopsis:  The village started with  a somber dream about war and remorse, and the villagers honored it with a moving constellation of the broken heart.  Then we learned that  the war was caused by disparity of wealth, specifically bicycles, which are often stolen.  Opposing forces within the McCheese family pit the Mayor against his twin brother, Monster McChees.  Every year at the village, we have a big rock concert, sort of a bike-aid, to address this important social issue.  Unfortunately, a Monster McCheese has been threatening this event.  A rogue member of the McCheese family, Cut-throat McCheese, infiltrated a secret society to save the concert.  The society, Naked Eyes, joined forces with Heart for a sold out arena-rock celebration, culminating with the  smash-hit “Stronger than a Robot.”


Song:  I wasn’t abducted but I went anyway

I can see the heart at night, but not in the day

I can feel my good luck riding away

The monster fought hard, but we just had to play.

I’m stronger than a robot—

Hooray,  hooray.

Program Date: Saturday, October 15, 2005


Zodiac Dream: I’m in a car driving, driving, driving through an area that looks like Snohomish.  I don’t know where I’m going or why.  I’ve had this dream many times- it’s actually a good one in that I feel positive something good is going to happen.


Zodiac Constellations:

The Car, The Praying Trees, The Road

The Snohomishians, Dancing with Antique horses.


Skydream #1: I am at a concert in a theatre in France.  One by one all my best friends from High School walk in completely unaware the others would be here.


Constellation:  “The Speaker and the Others.”  3 stars, with one star standing apart from the group.


Skydream #2: I was walking around the school building then suddenly I was on a trail and I saw starving horses.  They looked sad.


Constellation: Antiquea, the starving horse, in the SW. 


Skydream #3:

Scary warlock in a tree

Black ghostly cape and witchy hat

Caught inside my parents’ house

Green lawn suburban terror.


Constellation: The Spider in the SE


Skydream #4: I was practicing yoga in my apartment and one of the yoga poses was flying.  I was practicing flying there, and then I practiced dying.  Dying felt like being pulled up into the sky by my feet.  I thought, “dying is the best practice for letting go.”


Constellation: The Death Pose, spread across the top of the sky from S (reaching hand) to N (feet)


Mythology synopsis:  A mysterious trail opened up and led us to France.  We were surprised to discover old classmates from high school had been led there as well.  We realized that we were all there for a concert.  Back in the village, our symbol of life and virility, Antiquea, was dying.  His life had been sucked out of him.  The constellation of the Death Pose connected this concert in the North (France) to the Horse in the South.  In fact, the hand of the Death Poser reached out to the horse.  It was a sign that we needed to let go of our past and of old things such as antiquea.  We sang together to honor Antiquea’s passing.



Met up with a horse; a magnificent beast

The spider commences to partake of a feast

And now there’s not so much of that magnificent beast

I saw friends from High School; the ones I liked least

At a French Production of the musical Grease.

Program Date: Sunday, October 16, 2005


Zodiac Dream: At a party, a large bed lay in the middle of a burbling crowd, on which I was lying with the pop star Madonna.  I had invited a friend to the party; Madonna perceived this as an abuse of her friendship and hit me with a bowler hat.


Zodiac Constellations:

The Bowler Hat

The Bed

The Pop Star Madonna

The Lobster Hors Deuvre


Skydream #1: There are 13 sailboats in Boston Harbor.  I am a student yet somehow I captain them all.  I am really fond of Grog.  Too fond.


Constellation:  Grog Master, wobbly-legged in the South.


Skydream #2: I am in a car driving at night.  I see a long line of car headlights coming towards me.  I do not know how to drive.  I am in the driver’s seat.


Constellation: The Headlights, coming out of a fog in the east.


Skydream #3: Mostrs in Beed.


Constellation: Bed Monster, whose tentacles can be seen coming from under a bed in the North.


Skydream #4: Dream about monsters under my bed and outside my window.


Constellation: Charlie, the Window Monster in the West.


Mythology synopsis:  Grog had his hands full.  He was in charge of all the village transportation (Boats and Cars), but was a student of the Nautical Arts, and didn’t even know how to drive a car.  And he had a drinking problem.  To top it off, his wise mentor, Charlie, was sinking in the west.  When Charlie was out of our sky, his evil brother, Bed Monster, rose to prominence in the North.  It took an old sea shanty to give Grog the courage to face his personal demons and navigate his cargo to safety.


Song: Grog, Grog, ooh, great Grog!

Captain us toward our Western Slog!

Beware the headlights in the fog!

Don’t let the bed monster eat my dog!