The Ethereal Mutt - Limited presents

Starball: A Dreamy Musical Astronomy Show

By John Kaufmann & Dan Dennis

Directed by Rachel Katz Carey

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Imagine the sky has been taken away...

Imagine that the night sky has been taken away. Everything you learned of mythology and the constellations is a fading memory, not used in your daily life.  Imagine the chaos this creates. Now, imagine that you and everyone in your neighborhood is challenged to use only the materials you have – your dreams and a single fleeting night under a clear sky – to re-imagine a shared sky mythology thatwill guide your lives.

We’re here to take it back!

Starball makes our night sky immediate. Described as a “Jungian astronomy extravaganza”, the showcombines live theatre, improvisation, original music, cosmological inquiry and the exploration of human consciousness into an entertaining performance that challenges us to deepen our understanding of the universe. Written and performed by veteran performers John Kaufmann and DanDennis, Starball invites audience members of all ages and backgrounds to forge a visceral connection to the night sky using their own dreams as the vehicle for their journey.

Starball has played some of the most prestegious astronomical institutions in North America: The Hayden Planetarium in New York City, The Fels Planetarium in Philadelphia, and the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. In 2004 Starball  was performed at the International Planeatrium Society conference in Valencia Spain. June 29-30, 2008 There will be special performances at the 2008 IPS Conference in Chicago.


“Out of this world” --The Seattle Times

“Hurry to the Smith Planetarium to see the maestros at work before it’s too late” --Brendan Kiley, The Stranger

“A delightful evening.  I enjoyed it very much.” --Dave Beck, KUOW Radio


For six years, Seattle theatre artsists Johnny Kaufmann and Dan Dennis have been developing and performing Starball.  With the backing of The Ethereal Mutt, Starball has travelled across the country (and even to Spain!). 

Starball is a a unique production:  astronomy lesson, musical theatre, planetarium show, scripted play and improv night... all in a 90-minute show that’s apprpriate for the grade schoolers just learning about the constellations, as well as parents, Theatre Hipsters, Science buffs, Fans of Mythology and all the city dwellers who’ve forgotten the wonders above our heads every night of our lives.